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Rainy Me

As you may know, as usual, I have a variety of projects going on in different fields.

I wanted to have a personal blog that would let friends know about the different projects I’m up to, and a centralized place to link to the various new projects I’m involved with. So this blog is it.

As always, I welcome contacts from friends, discussion on my projects, and feedback.

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  1. Hello and thank you so much for attending the Come to Your Senses event and posting the footage you captured that night of the Steben Twins. Tim Yarger and I organized the event and we would love to send out a link of it to the Turning the Wheel and Timothy Yarger Fine Art community. Would you mind adding the following tags? It will help for future searching. Thank you!

    Turning the Wheel Los Angeles

    Timothy Yarger Fine Art

    Cooper Design Space

    Dance Camera West

    Elizabeth Yochim

    Tim Yarger


    Elizabeth Yochim

    Turning the Wheel Los Angeles

  2. The thing told me I duplicated my comment. Maybe I don’t have that much to say.

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