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This is a little intro to an assortment of photo projects I’ve shot recently. They’re all hosted on Facebook, so it seemed easier to create links here for the non-facebook member viewers.

The first ones of course bring to mind the old Peter Gabriel album with “Solsbury Hill” on it, although I’m not wearing mirrored contacts. The camera’s manual focus, shutter speed, and aperture adjustments are frankly a pain-in-the-ass, since this Canon is a glorified instamatic, but it often yields surprisingly good results. No, actually it often yields fantastic results; better than if I was in complete control of the camera.

Self Portrait and Rainy Windows

My most recent series of shots yielded some interesting results that I’m really happy with:

West Hollywood Under the Full Moon

I was looking to shoot a variety of street signs for use on my design company homepage. Unfortunately, Facebook seems to limit the dynamic range of the photos for some reason. The one of the tree looks rather amazing on my computer and, well, “enh,” on Facebook.

En Route back from Pasadena on New Year’s day, I stopped to change subways on the way back home, and shot the pictures of the Aztec Dancers and Olvera Street, which is a Mexican street filled with booths and shops by Union Station downtown.

Here are some still shots of the dancers:

Aztec Dancer Stills Album

This page has some video of the dancers, converted into Flash video:

Aztec Dancers Video

It’s the first video I shot with the camera, and I was just learning what it was capable of. Obviously handheld, it still wasn’t a disappointment. Their costumes are rather amazing, huh?

Olvera Street Album

I’ve often found it interesting how people pose for photos, and also how people view the world through their cameras. So there are the beginnings of a series of shots of people shooting other people among these shots.

And here’s Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Boulevard; a mall by Mann’s Chinese Theater where the Kodak theater is that hosts many award shows. The walk of stars runs through here and there are many

characters in costumes posing with tourists. It’s just a stone’s throw from my apartment. These pictures weren’t of such great quality, however I like the ones of the signs on the Roosevelt Hotel walls. I expect to try a cubist video collage of the space soon, assuming the security guards don’t have a tizzy with me trying to shoot with a tripod. A guard chased me away from shooting the Pacific Design Center when I was doing the West Hollywood series.

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