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Right now, I’m renovating my sites after migrating them to a new hosting company, as Media Temple turned into a headache.

You might enjoy starting with the site that has more active writing content and photos on it:
Once all the images and posts are restored, I’ll resume posts here again.

Cabaret Confessions of an Eco-Diva

I recently played bass in Nomi Lyonn’s show at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood, the third incarnation of her evolving cabaret performance that I’ve participated in. The previous two performances were at the M-Bar in Hollywood. I think one-woman shows are a real challenge to pull off, and Nomi did a great job. It helped that she chose some great music to weave the story of her political, yogic, and ecological obsessions into. She added two dancers to this performance, and I think they strengthened the show even more. I got to back up Ron Snyder, who is a wonderful accompanist, and drummer John Puhara helped carry us through. It’s not every day that you get to play in a fun & enjoyable performance like this one. Nomi plans to take the show to a variety of venues in Candada (she’s from Vancouver) and elsewhere.

My YouTube Playlist URL Index

To my dismay, I just realized there isn’t a way to display all of a YouTube Channel’s playlists to the public, only to the owner of the channel. Forthwith, a listing of the playlists I’ve posted there:

‘Turned On’ at Bleicher/Golightly Gallery

Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2010

Autumn Lights 2009

Cool Art and Openings Around Town

Dr Stanley Clarke MI Scholarship Concert June 8 2011

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2008

GLOW Dusk & Beyond 2010

High Desert Test Sites 2008

High Desert Test Sites 2008 – Marnie Weber and the Spirit Girls

High Desert Test Sites 2011

High Desert Test Sites 2011 Shari Elf’s Gospel Revival

Huntington Garden of Flowing Fragrance

LA Center for Digital Art at the Rowan Building 2009

Lisa Coleman 50th Birthday Party

LIT Light, Interactive & Technology Based Art

Marina Birthday Party

My Own Work: Ecstasy Unveiled Cubist Video Collages

San Fran Mission Murals tour with Lori B Nov 6 2010

Soundwalk 09

Topanga Canyon Film Fest 2009

Woodstock Country School Reunion 2010

High Desert Test Sites Photo Album Links

Here are links to a lot of my “documentation” of the High Desert Test Sites events this past weekend in the Joshua Tree area. Most photos and titles link to Facebook photo albums; there are also links to YouTube videos for some.

Kriblin Jihn Kabin – High Desert Test Sites

Video pan of  the interior (with lots of wind noise)

Godwin & Pioneer: Thom Merrick – High Desert Test Sites

Video from Godwin & Pioneer

Rosa Muerta After Party – High Desert Test Sites

Marnie Webber Spirit Girls High Desert Test Sites

Andrea Zittel’s Land – High Desert Test Sites

Yosua Okon “White Russians” High Desert Test Sites

Patrick Johnson “Yesterday and Tomorrow” High Desert Test Sites

Amy & Wendy Yao Art Swapmeet – High Desert Test Sites

Short video excerpt from the musicians’ performance

Joel Kyack The Greater The Goal. The Deeper The Hole High Desert Test Sites

Very short video interview with Joel

Julia Scher “Surveillant Architectures” – High Desert Test Sites

Jack’s Place at High Desert Test Sites

Ann Magnuson Time Travelling Hooker – High Desert Test Sites

Wonder Valley Inst. of Contemporary Art Inaugural Opening

High Desert Test Sites Hike: Godwin and Pioneer

Turnaround at Godwin and Pioneer
Lovers Mountain Top
Lovers Mountain Top 2
Mountaintop 1
Mountaintop Panorama 2
Mountaintop Panorama with People (Kevin McCarthy and our new friends)
IMG 2871

Kevin and I parked at the Godwin and Pioneer traffic circle, apparently in the middle of nowhere. We proceeded to hike up the trail where this mysterious art installation was supposed to be. When we got to the top, the views were spectacular. There was a couple who’d arrived before us; an architect from Silverlake and his girlfriend.

We later learned the artist has a studio near the traffic circle, and had placed a painting high up the mountain, but it had been so windy it had blown away.

Broken Toe

So the doctor at LA County Hospital was giving me advice about my broken toe and how to take care of it.  He looked like a death-metal rocker dude in a lab coat; long scraggly hair, beard, tattoos, rings and all. He was nice though, and used lots of big vocabulary words to prove that he really was a doctor. Then when I said I’d love it if I could get a copy of the X-ray, he went and printed two out for me.

Broken Toe 1

Broken Toe 2

Then he said he was gonna show me how to “buddy tape” the toe. I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t some new S&M thing people around LA were into these days. I knew I shouldn’t have watched the first season of “Californication.”

Cafe Press Pulls My Product

Hire Me! Thank the Academy.

So, I updated some of the artwork on my Closet Thespians line, and then the next day got an email from Cafe Press:

“We recently learned that your account contains material which may not be in compliance with our policies. Specifically, designing, manufacturing, marketing and/or selling products that may infringe the rights of a third party, including, copyrights (e.g., an image of a television cartoon character), trademarks (e.g., the logo of a company), “rights in gross” (e.g., the exclusive right of the U.S. Olympic Committee to use the “Olympic Rings”), and rights of privacy and publicity (e.g., a photo of a celebrity) are prohibited.”

“Accordingly, we have set the content that we believe to be questionable to “pending status” which disables said content from being displayed in your shop or purchased by the public.”

I’d waited until I could take the photo of the statue myself so I didn’t violate any copyright holders. Well, I guess it’s time to investigate other companies with similar offerings to Cafe Press or maybe (god forbid!) I’ll have to get some printed up myself and distribute them in person.

My girlfriend Emmy


So here I am holding an Emmy for Graphic Design. Apparently it was only given for a couple of years. It felt nice. I’d like to have you think I won it, but that isn’t the case…yet. “I’d like to thank Kevin and Matt McCarthy, my mother and father for their support and encouragement, and of course, Apple Computer… who still haven’t figured out how to include a substantial DVD burner in their computers that will last for more than a couple of months but make a fun computer none-the-less.”

Schillinger Blog Starting Up

So one of my long-time dreams is to see the Schillinger System of Musical Composition get applied within current computer music systems. It’s obviously well-suited to it, but somehow no one has ever put the pieces together. It seems like a place where I have some expertise that no one else seems to have. So if I don’t do it, nobody may.

I also have been interested in computer-human interaction design within music software for ages, but haven’t acquired the professional experience yet. Curtis Roads told me it was a field that was open for me to dominate as an expert if I wanted, so I’m starting up this blog to try to get the ball rolling.  I’ve done some research in the area, but haven’t undertaken a, um, “concerted effort” to move forward with it.

Visit the blog and jump in with suggestions.