What About Me? Screening, Topanga Canyon


This was shot during the Ambient Soundscapes performance by Deprogramming Division prior to Jaya Vaswani and Rich Ferguson’s performances at the “What About Me?” screening in Topanga, part of this weekend’s Topanga Film Festival.

17.6MB file

The audio from the sequential clips was extracted and assembled into a single continuous loop rather than having each 10 second sound clip loop simultaneously.

Friday, August 7, 2009, 8PM

Trust Ranch

1291 Will Geer Road

Topanga, CA

Bergamot Station Art Openings March 14, 2009

William Turner Gallery

Greg Miller

HollyWood, mixed media and oil on canvas, 6’x16′

The Calm, mixed media on canvas, 45″x70″

I believe that may be Greg in the leather jacket at the right.

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James Gray Gallery Stairway

(Perhaps if you squint a little you might get a rather weird stereo effect)

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James Gray Gallery Interior

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John Asaro Exhibition

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John Asaro Rotating Painting (not a collage, obviously)

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Joshua Tree Keys View Sunset

The following collages were shot the final day of the High Desert Test Sites events. It was so cold and windy that the batteries in my camera kept freezing and I had to keep changing them, which isn’t what you expect from that part of the desert.

Joshua Tree Keys View Sunset 1

November 9, 2008

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Joshua Tree Keys View Sunset 2

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Sunburst and 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree (in process – incomplete)

I expect to composite these videos with still images to show more coverage of the intersection, but I didn’t really get the coverage I wanted in either medium..

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High Desert Test Sites Photo Album Links

Here are links to a lot of my “documentation” of the High Desert Test Sites events this past weekend in the Joshua Tree area. Most photos and titles link to Facebook photo albums; there are also links to YouTube videos for some.

Kriblin Jihn Kabin – High Desert Test Sites

Video pan of  the interior (with lots of wind noise)

Godwin & Pioneer: Thom Merrick – High Desert Test Sites

Video from Godwin & Pioneer

Rosa Muerta After Party – High Desert Test Sites

Marnie Webber Spirit Girls High Desert Test Sites

Andrea Zittel’s Land – High Desert Test Sites

Yosua Okon “White Russians” High Desert Test Sites

Patrick Johnson “Yesterday and Tomorrow” High Desert Test Sites

Amy & Wendy Yao Art Swapmeet – High Desert Test Sites

Short video excerpt from the musicians’ performance

Joel Kyack The Greater The Goal. The Deeper The Hole High Desert Test Sites

Very short video interview with Joel

Julia Scher “Surveillant Architectures” – High Desert Test Sites

Jack’s Place at High Desert Test Sites

Ann Magnuson Time Travelling Hooker – High Desert Test Sites

Wonder Valley Inst. of Contemporary Art Inaugural Opening

Others with similar ideas

Well, it’s nice to think you’ve made a discovery and have run off into new territory by yourself, but I’ve discovered there are quite a few others tredding this same area. Hockney actually tried this technique with the BBC, but they weren’t too excited by it, and he abandoned it. 

It’s sort of like when I was hiking up in the remote mountains and thought I was someplace where no one had been before, and then I found some plastic trash in the bushes.

I suppose that’s no reason to abandon the experiments; perhaps it could be more interesting to pursue them within a community of like-minded artists?

A couple of these artists are doing really nice work. I especially like Matt Ziniel and Lester Alfonso’s stuff.

Matt Ziniel:


Absolute Vs Relative Time


Pieces Form Whole

Lester Alfonso aka OriginalPlastic:



[hockn eye d]


Myself and Murno Gladst

Will Parker


isa face




hockneyesque video test

hockneyesque video test

Edward Grubb aka vjgumbo:

Cubist Video Montage

Cubist Video Montage (without Hockney and Picasso)

Seanán Oliver Manfred Kerr aka seanankerr:

Me by Hockney

“Me” by Hockney