Others with similar ideas

Well, it’s nice to think you’ve made a discovery and have run off into new territory by yourself, but I’ve discovered there are quite a few others tredding this same area. Hockney actually tried this technique with the BBC, but they weren’t too excited by it, and he abandoned it. 

It’s sort of like when I was hiking up in the remote mountains and thought I was someplace where no one had been before, and then I found some plastic trash in the bushes.

I suppose that’s no reason to abandon the experiments; perhaps it could be more interesting to pursue them within a community of like-minded artists?

A couple of these artists are doing really nice work. I especially like Matt Ziniel and Lester Alfonso’s stuff.

Matt Ziniel:


Absolute Vs Relative Time


Pieces Form Whole

Lester Alfonso aka OriginalPlastic:



[hockn eye d]


Myself and Murno Gladst

Will Parker


isa face




hockneyesque video test

hockneyesque video test

Edward Grubb aka vjgumbo:

Cubist Video Montage

Cubist Video Montage (without Hockney and Picasso)

Seanán Oliver Manfred Kerr aka seanankerr:

Me by Hockney

“Me” by Hockney