Cabaret Confessions of an Eco-Diva

I recently played bass in Nomi Lyonn’s show at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood, the third incarnation of her evolving cabaret performance that I’ve participated in. The previous two performances were at the M-Bar in Hollywood. I think one-woman shows are a real challenge to pull off, and Nomi did a great job. It helped that she chose some great music to weave the story of her political, yogic, and ecological obsessions into. She added two dancers to this performance, and I think they strengthened the show even more. I got to back up Ron Snyder, who is a wonderful accompanist, and drummer John Puhara helped carry us through. It’s not every day that you get to play in a fun & enjoyable performance like this one. Nomi plans to take the show to a variety of venues in Candada (she’s from Vancouver) and elsewhere.

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To my dismay, I just realized there isn’t a way to display all of a YouTube Channel’s playlists to the public, only to the owner of the channel. Forthwith, a listing of the playlists I’ve posted there:

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Inspirecation 001 – Hollywood Woman’s Club


As assistant curator, I helped to organize this group art show on November 22, 2009, and showed my recent Ecstasy Unveiled video collages at the show.

View more photos from the “Inspirecation 001” group show at the Hollywood Woman’s Club:  Inspirecation 001 Group Show Photos (Facebook Public Photo Gallery)

Yes, I know. It’s the “Women’s Club” not the “Woman’s Club” but that’s actually how the organization is registered – possessive singular.


The Woman’s Club of Hollywood is a non-profit organization with 104 years of history in support of the arts, sciences and the Hollywood community. The show Inspirecation 001, on November 22nd will be the first of a monthly series of performances and art exhibitions. A group exhibition event of works about or by women. It will be held in the club on a monthly basis through June 2010. Please call the Woman’s Club of Hollywood for further details and schedule.

Inspirecation 001.1

featuring artwork by: Shirley Ash, Calvin Burtley, Marlaya Charleston, Mariah Csepanyi, Kristina Faragher, Onno de Jong, Sheila Fein, Carol Gehring, Gina Genis, Marco Greco, Christopher Hassett, Micol Hebron, Arthur Kegerreis, Carolin Kewer, Laura Murphy, Frank Rozasy, Patty Sharkey, Stephen W. Smith, Barbara Testa, Tiffany Trenda, Violeta Villacorta, Jeffrey Zatlin.

When: November 22nd at 5 p.m. till 9 p.m

Where: The Woman’s Club of Hollywood, 1749 N. La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90046

Parking available. Free event open to the public

For more information, please contact:

Carolin Kewer (Curator) Arthur Kegerreis (Assistant Curator)

Phone (323) 876-8383

Participating Artists Statements:

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